Of course you save time and money booking your business travel with Egencia, but according to the company there are more reasons how booking your hotel with Egencia makes your trip an altogether better experience. 1. Earn loyalty points: You’re earning your salary on your trip and you can be earning loyalty points too! With Egencia it’s easy to add your loyalty programmes to your profile so you’re earning all the points you can. 2. The choices are yours: We know business travel begins with you… but sometimes your colleagues are there too. If you’re hoping to join them for dinner, or are trying to avoid them, we can tell you which hotel your colleagues book most during the year, so you get to have that choice! 3. Get some extra sleep: Sometimes being close to the office is the most important part of planning your trip. With a booking map that shows your office locations, you’ll be able to easily find the closest accommodation and know you are staying within your company’s business travel policy, all while being on time to your first meeting and getting some extra sleep. Get the full story at Egencia