Focusing on top domestic and international business destinations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Egencia analyzed industry trends, supplier data and capacity implications in Q1 2011. Additionally, Egencia surveyed nearly 350 travel buyers globally regarding travel program expectations, policies and challenges. "In any successful corporate travel program, information is key," said Mark Hollyhead, Senior Vice President, Egencia Americas. "It is our goal to inform our clients of current trends, challenges and opportunities, as we feel it is essential that these factors are utilized to fully optimize our clients' travel policy." The study reveals that average ticket prices (ATPs) for air travel have, on average, increased in North America, decreased in Asia Pacific and increased or decreased in Europe based on destination. Average daily rates (ADRs) for hotel stays have increased in the majority of business destinations, reversing previous trends. Increased ATPs can be largely attributed to rising fuel costs, tightly managed capacity and increased demand in some points of sale. Similarly, ADRs have increased in the majority of business destinations due to an increase in demand, reduction in new supply and improved occupancy rates. "The pricing landscape has made a noticeable shift from this time last year," said Chris Vukelich, Vice President, Supplier Relations, Egencia Americas. "The once soft hotel landscape is now experiencing a strong return in demand alongside air. Even though ATPs and ADRs have increased, opportunities for savings can still be found. In addition to the opportune car pricing landscape, travel managers should look to their TMCs to identify additional savings opportunities in hotel." Download the full report at Egencia (free registration)