From airport lounge access, to traveler risk management, travel visa services and beyond, the new program provides travelers with extra perks that improve satisfaction on the road for greater efficiency and productivity, while giving companies the means to improve their travel programs. “As a leading travel management company (TMC), we are going beyond booking to offer travelers a best-in-class integrated experience that makes corporate travel as efficient and enjoyable as possible. There are so many touchpoints throughout the trip where we can help – from airport check-in to lounge access,” said Mark Hollyhead, chief operating officer at Egencia. “At Egencia, we build our own technology, so we can connect travelers with the service providers they know and love, and fold them into a seamless package that not only benefits the traveller, but also helps drive compliance for companies.” Egencia Advantage will continue to add services as partnerships develop. Get the full story at Egencia