Ego travellers don’t go on holiday. For you, travel is a spiritual pursuit, taking you on a path to inner peace, happiness and solidarity with your fellow humans (especially the guy who brings kombucha cocktails to your sun lounger and massages your feet for a dollar – he might not speak English, but you definitely feel a deep connection). Your posts on Instagram are accompanied by nonsensical pseudo-philosophical captions such as: “We all walk our own paths”, “Follow no one” and “The road will always lead you to a new sunrise #livetrue”. Food is something to be consumed from a bird’s-eye view through the lens of a camera. You tour the world visiting plant-based restaurants such as California’s Cafe Gratitude so you can ’gram your lunch of “peaceful” avocado toast washed down with a “harmonious” ayurvedic smoothie. You love #coffee and consider it an identity. Your “journeys” (remember: not holidays) centre on retreats. Had a stressful week at work? Time to spend a month in a silent meditation centre in Goa. Sent an offensive tweet and feel sad about the pile-on? Two weeks digital detox in Bali. Looking for a new direction in life? Time for a shamanic toad-licking ceremony in Ibiza (yes, these are a thing). Share the whole thing online with shots of you doing the natarajasana pose on top of a rock, using the hashtag #NamasteBitches. Get the full story at The Guardian