So, how exactly do you sell a destination without reverting to clichés? What’s more, how do you adapt this copy to different channels? Here’s a run-down of some of the most inspirational brand travel copywriting and the reasons why they work. Mr & Mrs Smith Mr & Mrs Smith is an online travel agency that specialises in boutique and unique accommodation around the world. Its USP is that it is not your bog-standard travel agency – and it uses copywriting to continuously reflect this ‘exclusive’ nature. It calls itself a ‘travel club’ and its customers ‘members’, building on the fact that each hotel is personally chosen and approved by the company. Meanwhile, its hotel descriptions use a conversational and almost intimate tone that’s designed to forge connections with consumers. Mr & Mrs Smith describes itself a brand that cares about the little details, and this definitely comes across in the language it uses. The ‘Smith Extra’ sections are particularly effective, evoking the idea that you’re getting an extra special service by booking with the brand. Get the full story at Econsultancy