During the webinar, Brian Payea, TripAdvisor’s Head of Industry Relations, explained that while many factors go into the Popularity Index algorithm, the key areas to focus on are review quality, recency and volume, calling them “hugely important.” As for the benefits of a top ranking, Adele Gutman, VP, Sales, Marketing & Revenue at the Library Hotel Collection, whose four Manhattan boutique hotels are legendary for dominating the charts on TripAdvisor, says the No. 1-ranked Casablanca Hotel “typically receives over 100,000 profile views in a month. The Library, just a few places below, will have half that many viewers, while the Hotel Giraffe and the Elysee will get half of that.” She adds, “And [not just] casual drifters, but travelers actively seeking out a hotel in New York City … What would you have to pay for that kind of exposure?” Good question. Of course, few destinations receive as many visitors as New York, but for any destination, a higher ranking means more visitors to your TripAdvisor page, more traffic to booking channels, and greater demand for rooms and services. As for revenue, that will depend on how well you convert. So what are the secrets to climbing the ranks? Here are eight key strategies top-ranking hoteliers shared. Get the full story at the ReviewPro blog