Great leaders are few and far between. This has nothing to do with genetics. Rather, most people just don’t know how to be leaders. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to learn to be a leader. You can start with these 8 beginner’s errors that can sabotage your efforts as a leader.

1. Leaders never say it can’t be done. Getting things done, in fact, is one of the most important things leaders must do. They especially never tell a constituent that his idea is impossible. Instead, they talk about how to make it happen. Whatever the obstacles, leaders know there is a way over, under, or around almost every obstacle. And they know that hope and faith are more powerful than cynicism.

2. Leaders never focus on the past. Instead, they look to the future. Leaders have a vision, and they communicate this vision. They are passionate about their vision. They see the light at the edge of the darkness, and they point it out to everyone, so that everyone will be looking and walking in the same direction: forward.

3. Leaders never resist change. Instead, they embrace change and turn it to everyone’s advantage. They know that every change represents an opportunity, if we can find that opportunity. And they know that change happens, and that you can’t stop it. So leaders never fight change. Instead, they ask, “How can we make the most of change? How can we work with these changes to demonstrate our own excellence?”

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