If you are not familiar with the term "Long Tail" as it relates to search, you can get the basic idea from a blog post by the search Granddaddy himself, Danny Sullivan.

Typically, big brands want to target the big unbranded terms like "tennis rackets," "golf clubs," or "running shoes." I do recommend that they target such terms as a way to position their brand in the minds of people who are searching. But they often miss terms like "golf club reviews" or "women's trail running shoes." Typically, these long-tail terms are the ones that convert best.

Even worse, in Nike's case, it doesn't show up in the top 10 for the term "Nike trail shoes." That is a term that includes its brand name. This happens a lot with Nike branded search terms... If I were Nike, I would start on the branded terms, because they are the easiest to rank well for given its existing Web assets; they are most definitely the low-hanging fruit, just waiting to be plucked. People searching for products using the word Nike in their search are already familiar with the brand and are probably calling out for you to show up—but there's Nike, hiding from them on page 80.

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