As dynamic packages continue to grow as a share of travel revenue, both agents and suppliers have found that they need some mechanism for measuring their competitiveness in this space. Traditional packages continue to be a significant revenue generator, especially for resort breaks in key school holiday seasons. Electrobug Technologies and Pricing Intelligence—both UK-based firms—have teamed up to provide an integrated solution, enabling clients to track both traditional package prices via ViewData, and dynamic package prices through the web.

Mark Heynen, Managing Director of Electrobug, claims that this combined approach is the best way to go: “While we have been helping blue chip online travel agents track dynamic package prices for over half a year now, we feel that a combined approach is the best way to go. By teaming up with a specialist in the traditional package space, we have ensured that our clients get a comprehensive view of the market for package products. We feel both hotels and travel agents will benefit greatly from using this service—both for managing their channels and for maximizing profitability. This adds yet another compelling service to our wide suite of services, helping every conceivable player in the travel industry track every conceivable price, eliminating the need for time consuming manual checks.”

Steve Marchant, Managing Director of Pricing Intelligence agrees with this assessment: “The majority of these packages (c 80%) are sold via travel agents using Viewdata. Package holiday operators typically have a very clear idea of the product matches they require between their own and competing products. Due to the extensive range of packages available, resource constraints and predominantly manual yield management techniques, data sampling of competitor prices is a more practical solution than ‘en mass’ price collection. This is where our solution fits a critical need.” has already signed on for the innovative service. “We had a requirement for a comprehensive overview of the packages market, as we have high expectations for generating revenue from this market, and want to ensure we have the best possible competitive position.” says Mark Henderson, Pricing and Yield Controller at “After reviewing the options available in the marketplace, we found this unique combined approach to be the best for our needs.”