MarketingExperiments just released a new research brief discussing how to make landing pages more successful.

A key part of the study involved trying to determine whether long copy or short copy performed better when the desired action was a simple email capture. As it turns out, the short copy was more successful.

In the past, many studies have shown that long copy is more effective in certain situations. However, MarketingExperiments believes that there are four factors that should influence your decision about whether to use long or short copy?the cost of what you are selling, the perceived risk, the commitment level, and the motivation.

In other words, if you are selling a high priced product, asking for a lot of personal information, requiring a time commitment, or using logic as your selling strategy, use long copy. On the other hand, if you are giving away something for free without commitment and selling with emotion, use short copy.

MarketingExperiments identifies six elements that affect the performance of landing pages:

1) Friction - how much work the visitor has to do (this includes the reading)
2) Incentives - extras that are thrown in to sweeten the deal
3) Visitor motivation - how much they want what you have
4) Value proposition - the perception visitors have of you and what you are selling
5) Anxiety - the perceived risk to the visitor
6) Credibility - how well you convey trustworthiness

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