Hotel owners and operators frequently talk about the importance of creating a positive guest experience. But aside from covering the service delivery basics, are hoteliers specifically adapting to the needs and wants of the digitally savvy traveler? Changing this dynamic and elevating the guest experience requires additional industry focus on two specific strategies. 1. Embrace the experiential traveler The first is to appreciate and embrace the wants and needs of the experiential traveler—a lesson learned from the popularity of Airbnb. Hoteliers need to recognize the value they deliver to their guests is directly connected to the unique experiences they help facilitate. Experiential appeal is not an added bonus or a fringe benefit today; it is (or at least should be) the centerpiece of your service and delivery approach. The experiential nature of leisure travel is precisely why it is so highly prized. Experiences are irreplaceable, living on forever in memories and forging powerful emotional connections to a time and a place. Get the full story at Hotel News Now