Interruption as a tool is obsolete. Let ideas find the medium. Great ideas, not channels, create buzz. Get comfortable with consumers messing with your brand. Business results are the only measure of success.

Those five points are the new rules for the digital experience, according to the leader of the agency that's arguably done the most to re-write the advertising playbook.

Jeff Hicks, CEO of Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, told e-commerce, ad agency, digital-marketing and IT executives here on Oct. 24 at the Forrester Consumer Forum, the theme of which was humanizing the digital experience, that disruptive content is not the answer to digital video recorders such as TiVo. "That's not happening."

While DVRs raise the bar for how marketers reach consumers, rather than intrude in consumers' lives, the job now is to create content that is "so motivational and useful" that "consumers are not willing to live without it," he said. But, he admitted, "this puts advertisers in a place that is uncomfortable."

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