partner hotels will also benefit from eRevMax's Reservation Delivery Service, which facilitates automatic transfer of reservations booked at the channel directly into the hotel systems (CRS/PMS), thereby eliminating chances of missing reservations or overbookings. Following the interface certification, joins the eRevMax Channel Ecosystem, which will help it to gain access to a broader inventory of hotel product., the flagship brand of the Priceline Group, has access to approximately 600,000 hotels, apartments and villas. "Our partnership with eRevMax provides hotel properties with an easy to use interface to manage rates and inventory distributed through our sales channel. eRevMax's robust distribution platform has changed the way hotels can cost-effectively manage multiple channels online. This powerful and seamless integration will help our partners to significantly reduce time and tools they spend on managing rates," said Craig Schickler, Vice President, Hotel, . "This integration with, one of the most popular OTAs in the world, will certainly improve our portfolio of offering a diverse range of distributors through the eRevMax Channel Ecosystem. This powerful and seamless integration will result in more efficient rate distribution, enhanced rate optimization and the streamlining of all connections. The data flow between the channel and hotels are immediately reflected on platform in real-time and give it the opportunity to improve booking conversion, offer a wide range of products and increase revenues ," said Brain Dass, COO, eRevMax. The improved connectivity is available now to all existing accommodation providers of subscribed to eRevMax solutions – RateTiger, RTConnect and LIVE OS. eRevMax is developing its connectivity solutions to offer sophisticated real-time revenue management functionality to the hospitality industry. This includes solutions for the independent market, the mid-market and scaling up through the large, global hotel groups. The eRevMax Channel Ecosystem facilitates quality, certified connectivity and relationship management services to support complex revenue generation strategies. Related Link: eRevMax