Managed Reports seamlessly integrates rate data from over 42000 hotel sites and around 100 travel sites into a ready-to-use report format empowering hotel’s pricing decisions with key market insights for translating into positive business outcomes. Delivered at pre-scheduled times and intervals, Managed Reports removes dependency of logging into a system and helps hoteliers easily analyze pricing strategies for optimal utilization of rate elasticity to sell more rooms. The data goes through a strict Quality Assurance (QA) process for maximum accuracy, thereby offering hotels full transparency to plan and forecast with greater precision through historical and future rate analysis. “For hotels, understanding the market place becomes crucial to implementing a balanced pricing strategy to manage and maximize revenue in real-time. Managed Reports will help them evaluate pricing strategies for their properties and that of competitors and turn that insight into bottom-line results based upon actionable business intelligence. With the Managed Reports pricing being based upon qualified data-points, hoteliers’ only pay for the reports they need,” said Vishal Arora, VP - Product Management, eRevMax. Managed Reports are available in an array of formats (XML, Excel) & reporting periodicities including: - Daily Reports – Generated and sent daily or on your chosen days of the week - Daily Reports cover 30, 60 or 90 days of future rate data. The maximum limit can go up to 360 days. - Weekly Reports – Generated and sent on your chosen day of the week - Weekly Reports cover 60, 90 or 180 days of future rate data. The maximum limit can go up to 360 days. - Monthly Reports – Generated and sent on your chosen day/date of the month – Monthly Reports cover up to 360 days of future rate data. Related Link: eRevMax