Southern Europe (+10.2 percent to EUR76.35) also experienced a double-digit increase in RevPAR. Eastern Europe recorded the highest occupancy increase, up 6.6 percent to 60.1 percent. Amongst countries in Europe, Bulgaria experienced the largest increases in occupancy (+62.0 percent to 55.8 percent) and RevPAR (+74.2 percent to EUR35.72). ADR in Bulgaria also rose 7.6 percent to EUR63.98 as the country experienced stronger growth outside its capital city, Sofia. Eight additional countries experienced RevPAR increases of more than 15.0 percent when reported in Euros: Ireland (+25.0 percent to EUR78.45); Poland (+19.5 percent to EUR43.53); the United Kingdom (+17.6 percent to EUR88.80); Lithuania (+17.6 percent to EUR31.94); the Netherlands (+17.3 percent to EUR91.78); Croatia (+17.0 percent to EUR26.05); Israel (+16.9 percent to EUR152.09); and Belgium (+15.6 percent to EUR82.32). Get the full story at Travel Daily