Hotel prices in France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and Cyprus have dropped to the lowest average price per night since January 2011, according to the February trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI) reported monthly by hotel comparison website Based on the 23 most popular European countries on trivago, hotel prices have decreased by an average of 7 per cent year-on-year. One night this month will cost an average of £82, compared to £88 during February 2013. Most notable is Poland, down 57% from the most expensive month (June 2012), when one night cost an average of £106. One night in Poland this month will cost just £46 on average. Also showing large percentage decreases are Cyprus (down 52 per cent from £128 per night during August 2011) and Turkey (down 51 per cent from £143 during May 2013). One night in Cyprus will cost an average of £61 this month and one night in Turkey £70. When looking at individual cities, Rome, Vienna and Istanbul are displaying the cheapest hotel prices since January 2011. One night during February will cost on average of just £79 in Rome (compared to £158 during May 2011), £83 in Vienna (compared to £125 in May 2011) and £71 in Istanbul (compared to £159 in May 2013). Get the full story at Hospitality.Net