Launched in 2009, now features approximately 350 hotels in 50 countries around the world. works almost exclusively with well-established brands, not individual properties, and most of its hotel partners are in the 3- to 5-star range. “We partner with branded hotels only with very few exceptions because these hotels in general have a higher number of rooms so there are always some available for day use, there are enough branded hotels worldwide, and they have their own internal controlling structures regarding guest satisfaction,” Pieter Bik said. But Michael Benjamins, the senior sales manager of Town Hall Hotel, a 98-room boutique property in East London that uses, admitted that juggling rooms can be tricky. “You’re full the night before, you’re full that night and in between you have some day-use guests coming in so housekeeping and reception have to be at the top of their game. “And a room has to be cleaned twice, but if a guest is only there a few hours it is not a big cleaning job so it might cost an additional £15,” Benjamins added. Benjamins, who has used at the Town Hall Hotel for approximately 18 months, said the relationship has been profitable. “I calculate that day use has generated around £10,000 ($15,300) of extra income, which we would not have had as these rooms were sitting empty. If we were closer to a major railway station, it would be much more,” he said. Get the full story at