GoEuro currently operates in seven countries in Europe: its launch markets of Germany and the UK, plus Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg — which means that it can only offer full bus, rail and air options for those markets. It does not currently support ticket booking within the platform but that is a feature the startup aims to add in future. One likely candidate to be added to its market coverage footprint now that it’s flush with Series A cash is France, which plays a key bridging role in European travel geography, connecting land journeys from the U.K. (via the channel tunnel/ferry) on to many key destinations in central Europe. In terms of travel terminals, GoEuro says it now covers 20,510 railway stations, 10,011 bus stations and 207 airports. That’s up from 12,900 rail, 8,500 bus (coach) stations and 150 airports back in January. Get the full story at TechCrunch