Thankfully, “Big Data” is now a lot easier to understand thanks to data visualization solutions that allow hoteliers to generate customizable reports and alerts at any time. These important, customer-focused storylines read a lot more easily as a result. Here are some of the key ways that data visualization can help you take control of those data-driven stories – and make sure you’re getting the most out of your resources: 1. Timing Promotions for Maximum Effectiveness. How far in advance did customers start booking their getaways this year? How soon should you start running upcoming promotions? Data visualization tools chart your customers’ booking lead times and track the time they spend researching on your website, revealing important trends. Once you know how your customers are shopping, you’ll be able to time promotions for maximum reach and ROI. Also, by tracking the performance of specific promotions and rates, you’ll no longer have to wait for the end of a campaign to see how it’s performing. 2. Understand the Customer Journey. What if you could see how your customers shop across multiple devices – mobile phones, PC’s and tables? Just as Google Analytics allows real-time, customizable insights into customers’ website visits, data visualization solutions for hoteliers create an easy-to-read map of the customer experience, including not just device types but sources of traffic – organic, social media, meta search, and more. Get the full story at Sabre Hospitality Solutions