evolution, the hospitality e-commerce and e-distribution provider, has conducted research on over 200 hotels worldwide. The findings have been analysed, and demonstrate that 40% of corporate negotiated rates are not visible on the GDS, highlighting that this sector is poorly serviced by suppliers. The corporate sector evolution is referring to are those independent hotels who receive a large proportion of their corporate customers via the GDS. After careful analysis of the research, evolution have discovered that using the best central reservation system (CRS) and channel manager (CM) technology is insufficient. Further research conducted has concluded that the majority of hotels are in fact aware of this issue; but with poor, inexistent support from their current provider, hotels are unable to combat the problem. evolution upholds the belief that hotels should maximise their current accounts’ production. evolution has identified eight main reasons why 40% of corporate negotiated rates are not visible on the GDS. The first is that often, wrong access codes are provided by travel agents. The second is that the hotel’s rates are visible, but they do not comply with the contract. The third reason is that incorrect access codes or pseudo city codes have been supplied. Other reasons illustrate that the contracted last room availability has not been applied by the hotel, incorrect loading instructions have been given, lower public rates are available from other sources, the wrong rate structure has been applied and finally that rates have not been loaded or have been loaded too late. evolution has concluded that because these problems have been identified, they are able to be easily corrected and solved. By identifying these issues, evolution technology by Great Hotels of the World offers a solution for each of the eight problems. To find out more about how evolution’s new service offering aimed at the corporate marketplace can help you, please contact Tamara Pusnik tpusnik@evodist.com +44 (0)20 7380 3717 or visit http://www.evolutiondistribution.com.