As the space for mobile booking platforms continues to grow tighter, Expedia is aiming to increase its reach as a whole with acquisitions of Travelocity and Orbitz, which add more properties and activities to its already-large portfolio. However, mobile loyalty programs are becoming requisite for any brand in the travel sector, as the additional rewards and perks may be what sways a consumer to book via a specific site or app. “Today, virtually all travelers use at least one mobile device,” said Sean Shannon, managing director of Expedia Canada, Toronto, Canada. “Most have more than one, and they expect to be treated the same way across all touch points. “Providing Expedia+ members this choice and control is at the heart of what is all about, so ensuring that Canadians have the ability to earn rewards points even when booking through a mobile device was a no brainer. In fact, we encourage members to book on their mobile by offering 3X the points when bookings are made with our Expedia Travel App.” Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily