It’s also hard not to see how that ambition puts other tech solutions providers on notice. The resounding message from the company is that Expedia isn’t just an OTA but also a technology partner providing solutions for the travel and hospitality industries — that just happens to have a massive demand engine at its core. It’s one thing to distribute inventory to other people’s channels, and quite another to package a lucrative conversion channel with “Expedia-powered” technology solutions. The company’s reach gives it plenty of opportunities to challenge the solutions’ business of the legacy players, something that the company is eager to do, says Expedia Lodging Partner Services president Cyril Ranque: “The reason why we invested in a company that does hotel operations…is because, over time, when the ALICE system is in-property and integrated, it optimizes the internal back office operations. “But it also optimizes the relationship with the guest. Then we can plug that into our own apps and provide a completely seamless consumer experience, from the search, to the booking, to the on-property experience, to the post-stay reviews.” Get the full story at Tnooz Read also "Expedia vows to disrupt the hotel revenue management sector"