Expedia Corporate Travel today announced its enhanced flight search platform enabling business travelers to search for flights with more targeted and detailed search criteria.

Built on Expedia's award-winning proprietary flight search technology, this new platform offers additional search feature tools to help business travelers find the precise combination of time, price and airline preference to fit within their specific parameters and company policy.

"More than five years ago, Expedia. Inc. pioneered online flight searching with its proprietary technology platform. At Expedia Corporate Travel, we worked closely with customers and incorporated their feedback to finely tune our technology to the complexities of business travel. Our goal is to reinforce the savings we deliver via online adoption by boosting traveler productivity -- helping travelers find the perfect, policy compliant flight as quickly as possible," said Cheryl Rosner, president of Expedia(R) Corporate Travel. "Expedia Corporate Travel's new platform takes traditional flight searching to new heights by giving business travelers a richer, faster search experience."

The new Expedia(R) Corporate Travel flight tools that help keep business travelers on schedule and within budget include:

- Search tools targeting connection city, preferred number of connections, airlines within a frequent flier alliance and multiple traveler-preferred airlines all help travelers quickly zero in on the perfect flight

- Interactive tools, such as a graphical time slider enabling travelers to adjust flight departure times, let business travelers make adjustments to their search and see the resulting schedule and price changes in real-time

- Concise time windows that display relevant flights within two hours of a traveler's desired flight time

- Traveler-friendly receipts for all online transactions can be accessed by both business travelers and corporate travel managers for on-demand, detailed documentation of recent trip activity

In addition to these powerful new features, intelligent policy support ensures that company policy is incorporated into travelers' searches. This ensures consistent adherence to preferred vendor and cost policies, helping the traveler find the best flight for both their needs and the companies' needs.

The new Expedia(R) Corporate Travel search platform also uses advanced web technologies to create a more interactive, real-time experience for business travelers who are searching for and booking flights. The technology enables web users to search and retrieve information without needing to refresh web pages, resulting in a more fluid search experience. Expedia(R) Corporate Travel continues to invest in technology such as this to grow its industry- leading levels of traveler adoption.