Expedia Corporate Travel introduced TripController, an on-demand pre-trip approval and auditing solution for corporate travel customers.

Robust and customizable, TripController is built into EPX, Expedia Corporate Travel's technology platform, and offers companies options for automated trip approval along with highly configurable auditing features. In addition, TripController can assist companies in addressing their travel best-practices with regard to internal control assessment requirements of Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

TripController can improve productivity and efficiency for companies that desire an automated trip approval process over manual and often costly methods still quite common within the corporate travel industry. Travel managers can easily configure TripController to support varying company procedures and processes by division, department or group. TripController even allows for approval checks throughout the entire booking process. The auditing capabilities of TripController also enable companies to view individual itineraries and data for real-time review to ensure policies are being followed and identify any fraudulent activities. The information is securely stored for future retrieval, and trending analysis.

For no additional charge, TripController is integrated with Expedia Corporate Travel's reporting and policy control features that encourage and manage appropriate booking behavior and compliance. This allows travel managers to easily find user profiles and travelers' itineraries, instantly conduct a detailed audit or report of any trip or transaction they choose, and configure the policy controls and approval checks to match their company's trip authorization needs. The entire authorization and post-booking audit process for trip transactions, expenditures and reports is also automated, with a workflow driven entirely by the product rather than via manual methods

"Our Expedia Corporate Travel EPX platform creates a technology-enhanced safety net to help companies proactively monitor, manage and automatically document the constant flow of information and transactions related to their corporate travel program," said Matt Hulett, president of Expedia(R) Corporate Travel. "Policy controls such as TripController can also help travel managers achieve efficient best practices in business travel, while supporting compliance for facilitating reporting and auditing issues such as Sarbanes Oxley, and providing additional internal and fraud management safeguards."