In a keynote speech at today's Association of Corporate Travel Executives 2006 Global Conference, Expedia Corporate Travel president Cheryl Rosner addressed the need for a comprehensive business intelligence initiative in the travel management industry. To help meet this need, Expedia Corporate Travel is launching a new business intelligence initiative, built in-house, to offer customers a truly integrated reporting and analysis solution. The platform synchronizes the agency's reporting and booking functions for customers, and creates a foundation for future business intelligence innovations.

Business intelligence is a term used to describe the mining of corporate data to create valuable insights that help influence better decision-making. Expedia(R) Corporate Travel customers have a wealth of travel data and knowledge at their disposal, and the new business intelligence solution helps them easily analyze massive amounts of information within the core reporting product. A recent report from New York University and travel industry firm PhoCusWright discovered that nearly three-fourths of polled travel executives chose data mining as their top technology initiative.

"Business intelligence is key to driving a travel program's optimization and performance levels, which supplement the powerful savings that companies achieve through Expedia Corporate Travel's high online adoption rate," said Rosner. "While most agencies choose to outsource reporting capabilities or develop them independently of the booking platform, Expedia Corporate Travel is taking a leadership position with the unveiling of the next generation of our own advanced reporting solution that integrates business intelligence with travel management."

Expedia(R) Corporate Travel's new business intelligence platform includes reporting enhancements such as a redesigned interface and performance optimization tools that generate reports faster and easier than ever before. Traveler-level reporting gives every level of an organization the benefit of on-demand access to business intelligence. With Expedia(R) Corporate Travel, business travelers and their arrangers can pull data from their entire history with the agency, and conduct quick research and analysis from archived itineraries, travel and booking information.

Expedia(R) Corporate Travel offers more than a hundred reports, each with dynamic filters and controls, to facilitate the analysis of virtually every dimension of travel spending and behavior. Since the reporting tools directly integrate with the Expedia(R) Corporate Travel booking tool used by travelers and agents, managers can quickly access on-demand, highly accurate reports that can help them uncover new opportunities to make better business decisions. For example, a frontline manager can analyze airline expenditures on a market-by-market basis to evaluate negotiated contract performance, or determine the savings potential for consolidating spend with a single carrier. A travel manager can also leverage the business intelligence to discover areas with high volumes of unused tickets or offline bookings, and devise strategies to adjust behavior and increase overall savings.

"The on-demand reporting from Expedia Corporate Travel is 100 percent better than our previous reporting platform," said Keith Hines, Director, Corporate Purchasing for Cushman & Wakefield, the world's largest privately held real estate services firm, based in New York City. "Reducing air travel costs is extremely difficult with the price of fuel going up, but by leveraging our reporting data and working with my account representative we've been able to negotiate deals with key suppliers that have helped offset the effect of higher fuel costs."