Online travel management company Expedia Corporate Travel today expects to launch a Web site redesign aimed at enhancing trip planning and booking and improving policy compliance.

The company's entire booking process has been revamped through a series of customizable tools designed to speed up the process and reduce the need for outside assistance.

Tom Wilkinson, senior vice president of Partnership Travel Consulting in Princeton, N.J., said Expedia's enhancements are incremental rather than revolutionary, but make the site cleaner, quicker and easier to navigate.

The redesign has been in the works for almost a year and many of the enhancements come from customer suggestions. "It looks like they've taken most, if not all, of our suggestions," said Terry Sullo, manager of travel and marketing trends at Expedia customer Akamai Technologies, "so we're looking forward to seeing this come together."

Expedia sees its most significant enhancement in users' ability to manipulate, add and book a flight, hotel and car rental all at once in "a shopping cart manner," said Expedia product manager Angie Weber. "It's dramatically more seamless for the traveler," she said. "It really speeds up booking a trip."

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