The change came on last week, according to this report by, and represents a major U-turn from a big cryptocurrency supporter. In June 2014, Expedia became one of the first mainstream travel businesses to accept Bitcoin to pay for hotel bookings when it partnered up with cryptoexchange, Coinbase. Indeed, details on how to pay in cryptocurrency are still listed on the Expedia website. Specifically, it says: “To complete your booking, you will be redirected to Coinbase’s website, where you will see the total cost of your booking in Bitcoin, based on an exchange rate set by Coinbase. The Bitcoin price for your booking will remain valid for 10 minutes. If you do not initiate a payment during this time, the Bitcoin exchange rate will be updated and the Bitcoin price for your booking may change.” The difficulty of setting an exact price, given Bitcoin’s current and likely future volatility, could be one of the reasons that Expedia decided to ditch the crypto altogether. Get the full story at Crypto News