Wotif this week began displaying Expedia's reservations template. All rates being quoted on Wotif are now identical to those being quoted on Expedia, an indication that all rate agreements between hotels and Wotif have been sidelined. It is not known what has happened with hotels that have agreements with Wotif and not with Expedia. Another major change in Wotif adopting the Expedia format is that hotels are no longer displayed in accordance with the highest star ratings first, nor are they any longer listed in alphabetical order. The changing of order is a major blow to Australian hotel operators who have changed hotel brands to new names starting with the letter 'A' to gain an advantage on third-party websites, all of which the local sites at one time mirrored Wotif and were listing hotels in alphabetical order. Wotif, in adopting the Expedia model is now displaying hotels at random, both in terms of name and star rating. Get the full story at Big News Network