Expedia Corporate Travel launched its new Global Flight Search platform for the European market. This new technology offers European-based customers enhanced flight search and booking capabilities as well as a globally consistent user experience. Additionally, Expedia Corporate Travel is launching a new global reporting suite that will help corporate travel managers oversee travel programs across multiple regions, giving them greater access to information and the ability to better evaluate and optimize their travel decisions.

This new technology provides Expedia Corporate Travel with the necessary framework to continue expanding its global reach while offering high levels of service that take into account local market needs. Expedia(R) Corporate Travel already has one of the highest online adoption rates in the industry, and its new user-friendly interface will further increase adoption rates while lowering booking costs for its customers.

"We are committed to providing our customers with the largest and most intelligent global business travel marketplace," said Jean-Pierre Remy, president of Expedia(R) Corporate Travel. "Global Flight Search and the reporting platform are technological milestones that will improve our users' experience and enable travel managers to better oversee global programs."

Booking Air Travel

Global Flight Search streamlines the booking process, providing customers with powerful new dashboard controls and enhanced search capabilities that will simplify the booking process and ease the travel experience. Its search technology also displays more flight option results that match search requests. Additionally, Global Flight Search highlights lowest fare and in-policy options as well as narrower time windows for departures, airline alliance choices and connection city alternatives. It also provides the option of using multiple airlines within one trip. The results allow travelers to choose flights based on airline, class of service, price and time schedules. In addition to English, search results and travel information will also be available in local languages, including French and German.

Policy Control

Travel managers will enjoy improved policy control for both air and rail travel to help managers drive compliance and budget optimization. For example, travel managers can set policy controls for specific routes, price caps for total spend on air and rail travel, and class-of-service restrictions based on length of a trip. Policy controls can also be set for traveler groups by department or level within an organization. The simple user interface will make it easier for travel managers to set up and track policies.

Global Reporting

Because Expedia Corporate Travel developed its own technology and data warehousing capabilities, the new global reporting functionality provides travel managers with more than 20 customizable in-depth, real-time reports that offer detailed insight into their travel programs and traveler behavior. The solution also enables travel managers to run the same standard or custom reports on a global basis so that travel programs can be accurately compared. Additionally, each report can be easily exported into Microsoft Excel.

"We work very closely with our customers around the globe to develop technology and services that meet their needs and provide a better experience," said Christophe Pingard, chief operating officer of Expedia(R) Corporate Travel Europe. "More than two years of research and development were invested in the new Global Flight Search and the reporting platform. As a result, travel managers are now able to more accurately analyze their global travel spend and better manage their travel programs."