Expedia’s decision to integrate 3D Touch capabilities into its app speaks to its desire to provide a streamlined browsing experience to precede mobile bookings. As third-party booking services vie for the most screen time on consumers’ smartphones, adopting the newest commerce-friendly technologies will give brands a leg up on their competitors. “We invested in 3D Touch to streamline the process for some very common and critical customer needs: view trips, get directions to your hotel, share your flight status, and book a hotel tonight,” said Jerald Singh, senior director of mobile product at Expedia. “We are actively trying to enhance the experience for our customers and test unique technologies as they come to market.” Expedia is one of the early-adopter brands leveraging 3D Touch, which is slowly transforming into a must-have app feature for any marketer wanting to ramp up customer engagement and sales. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily