ALICE, which has customers like Triumph Hotels, Sixty Hotels and Nylo Hotels, offers services like check-in, requests for amenities and room service, communication with the concierge and more. In the last six months, ALICE says it’s grown its hotel customer base nearly 200 percent. Although ALICE is by far the most well-funded startup in this space, it’s facing increasing competition from other young tech companies. In August, startup Aavgo launched its service to enable communication between hotel guests and hotel staff. Aavgo has only $1 million in funding. With this funding, ALICE says it will be able to make some key hires across its development, product sales and customer success teams. “It is time for the internet to expand beyond revolutionizing how our hotel partners market and distribute their products into how they work and treat their guests,” Expedia President of Lodging Partner Services Cyril Ranque said in a statement. “ALICE is developing smart mobile and cloud technology to fundamentally improve the hotelier and guest experience at scale. That’s a revolution worth investing in.” Get the full story at TechCrunch and Skift