A visitor to the website first grants permission for transmitting the video from a desktop computer or mobile device to Expedia. Then the visitor lines up a green outline of a face with their actual face, which is followed by a two-minute video of various scenes from the island state. The video instructs the viewer to smile if the imagery is appealing, and a bar indicator at screen bottom indicates when you’re smiling. The facial analysis software, developed by digital agency Realise, measures 76 points on each face. Miller said that, although the technology can measure such emotional states as sadness, surprise or happiness, for this campaign the trigger is happiness expressed as a smile. If the viewer watches at least half of the two-minute video and has smiled what the algorithm considers a sufficient number of times, a personalized travel package is presented as a web page, along with one of three 30-second videos representing either Iwa (Bird, and Hawai‘i’s all-knowing guide), He‘e (Octopus, Hawai‘i’s loving spirit) or Pua‘a (Pig, Hawai‘i’s bold adventurer). The idea is that the scenes you found most appealing — because of your smile — indicate what kinds of activities or locations would appeal most to you in a travel package. Get the full story at Marketing Land