"I saw an opportunity to increase our room revenue and length of stay through our OTA partner, Expedia," said Molgora. "After reviewing the possibilities, we determined that we could build a base by offering tiered discount promotions and activating our package deals. This resulted in amazing production and growth in our package business. (Up 284 percent YOY) We've picked up an additional 5300 room nights, and our total occupancy has increased by 93 percent." Think Global Summer is peak U.S. travel season for Europeans using their extensive vacation time and South Americans who are in the middle of their winter season and don't mind the heat. (For example, in July 2013, there were nearly 50 percent more French visitors to the U.S. than the yearly average, according to OTTI data) Using that basic premise, one South Beach hotel employed a simple, targeted sale strategy to boost business. Be Mobile The Catalina Hotel and Beach Club employed a mobile-only strategy to boost needed midweek business in hopes of turning nearby bargain hunters into regulars. Get the full story at Hotel Interactive