Cyril Ranque, president, Expedia Lodging Partner Services, makes a case that this is a “two-sided” solution for both lodging partners and Expedia: hotels will be stronger if they invest on, say, marketing campaigns or tools to optimise their operations, and stronger hotels are the backbone of the Expedia content. “The sustainability of our business model depends on the richness of our supply from the consumer standpoint. If supply is diversified and is of high quality, consumers will come. So it is important for us to build an ecosystem that allows any type of partner (small independents or big global chains) to be successful on our marketplace. Equipping them with tools – such as Rev+ (revenue management tool), ALICE to optimise operations, etc, the list is long – is actually in our longterm interest,” he said. Get the full story at TTG Asia Read also "Expedia’s ambitions to build the world’s first all-property solution for hotels"