Under this scenario, Expedia in the background will undertake the ever-more complex task of shopping for travelers while they sit back, and inform them when their air, hotel or car preferences are ready. Khosrowshahi expounded on what he views as the most important trends in travel booking, spoke about the need to be a “street fighter” in China, opined that the Orbitz loyalty program isn’t really a loyalty program, and commented about the very serious stakes in TV advertising for travel brands and where the benefits lie. According to Expedia the Internet is shifting from pull to push. The pull world is a person going to Google querying searches - 3.5 billion searches per day in the case of Google. But with mobile replacing the desktop, push notifications will surpass search queries many times. So we're moving from a single device pull world to a multi-device push world - and that has serious implications for online travel companies. Get the full story at Skift