Members at the +silver and +gold levels will also receive a host of benefits from more than 1,400 +VIP Access™ hotels. With the new program, all Expedia+ rewards members will earn 2 points for every $1 spent when booking hotels, activities and packages. New to the program, members can now earn 2 points for every $1 spent on cruise bookings with most major cruise lines. Customers will continue to earn 1 point for every $5 spent on flights. Once points begin to accumulate, members can redeem points on hotels, as well as flights, exclusive local experiences (for limited time only) and charity redemptions. "We continue to evolve Expedia+ Rewards to ensure it's the best travel loyalty program for the way real people want to travel. At the core of the program is our belief that the business trip you have to take to Ohio or that family trip you'd rather avoid but can't should get you closer to that beach or ski trip of your dreams," said David Doctorow, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President, Global Marketing of "Over the last 18 months, we've incorporated real traveler feedback to improve the program by making it easier to earn points faster on nearly all parts of your trip regardless of which hotel you stay at or airline you fly. From there we've made accessing travel rewards better, so Expedia customers can get upgrades and amenities at more top hotels, redeem points for more parts of their trip and get the level of priority service and freedom of choice that great travelers crave." As an Expedia+ rewards member, travelers are also privy to the Expedia Hotel Price Guarantee that ensures extended price match up until midnight before check-in, access to member exclusive offers and, through December 31, 2014, double value on +VIP Access hotel coupons. Enrollment into the program at the +blue level is free and immediate. Fresh to the program is the Expedia +silver level, a new membership tier offering a wide range of benefits including: 10% bonus points on point eligible purchases, 250 extra points when booking one of more than 1,400 +VIP Access hotels and exclusive amenities at over 700 +VIP Access hotels. Amenities vary by hotel and could include a bottle of wine, an upgrade or a spa treatment voucher. Finally, members at the Expedia+ silver level will receive priority service from a dedicated group of customer service agents. In addition to the +silver benefits, Expedia +gold members – formerly Expedia® Elite Plus® members – earn 30% bonus points on top of base points and will receive room upgrades whenever available at more than 1,400 +VIP Access hotels worldwide. Status can be achieved by either dollars spent or room nights stayed. This structure allows more members than ever to attain elite status with the introduction of the new +silver tier, which is attained after booking only seven qualifying room nights or spending $5,000 annually on, and the new +gold tier, which is attained after booking 15 qualifying room nights or with $10,000 annual spend. Current Expedia Rewards members will keep their points and history intact and will be able to track their progress toward elite status on their Expedia+ rewards page. Members can expect more to come late this year as Expedia continues to expand Expedia+ rewards with even more earning and redemption opportunities.