This number can be seen as a glimmer of positivity in an arena so often characterized by uncertainty, but the hotel industry certainly has other challenges to worry about aside from hurricanes and politics. Luckily, these other challenges actually have solutions. Recently, Choice Hotels International’s VP of franchise development, Brian Quinn, went on record urging the company’s franchisees to better leverage its tools to succeed. In much the same manner, Expedia is calling out the hotel industry to leverage its data wherever possible because the success of the company is directly tied to the success of the hotel industry. In this vein, Benoit Joil, VP of lodging product at Expedia, pointed out that 85 percent of hotels still do not take advantage of revenue-management tools, placing them at a major disadvantage when it comes time to push rate and maximize profit. The company’s Rev+ tool, which can be accessed through the Expedia Partner Portal, launched earlier this year as part of a bid to improve the industry’s revenue-management landscape, with Vivek Bhogaraju, director of revenue management solutions at Expedia, referring to revenue management as a team sport. Get the full story at Hotel Management