Expedia Corporate Travel will be the first global corporate travel agency to roll out a carbon offset program to its corporate travel customers.

Expedia Corporate Travel has partnered with TerraPass, the leading retailer of green house gas reduction projects, to offer environmentally-conscious businesses the ability to both calculate the amount of carbon dioxide their employees' business travel creates and buy the corresponding amount of carbon offsets to balance it. The new program is available to Expedia® Corporate Travel customers globally. Expedia® Corporate Travel will also make its own travel program carbon neutral by the end of the year through the purchase of TerraPass carbon offsets.

Starting in April, Expedia Corporate Travel customers can purchase TerraPass carbon offsets for a small fraction of the average cost of an airline ticket or a company's total annual travel spend. Purchasing a TerraPass enables companies and individual travelers to sponsor measured, verified reductions in greenhouse gas emissions directly proportional to the emissions created by their airline flights. TerraPass proceeds fund clean energy projects, such as wind farms and innovative "cow power" methane capture plants on U.S. dairies.

"Expedia Corporate Travel is dedicated to practicing ecologically responsible travel, and we are proud to extend environmentally conscious options like TerraPass carbon offsets to our customers around the globe," said Jean-Pierre Remy, president of Expedia Corporate Travel. "We are committed to making a positive impact on business travel, by implementing our own green travel policy, as well as through industry advocacy for and the promotion of green travel policies. We invite our customers to join us in this endeavor."

We are pleased to partner with Expedia Corporate Travel on the first program that provides businesses the opportunity to make their travel carbon neutral," said Tom Arnold, chief environmental officer of TerraPass. "Expedia® Corporate Travel's global presence provides an ideal platform to build an awareness of clean travel among business travelers, and TerraPass makes it simple to do something about it."

"The voluntary market for greenhouse gas reductions has tremendous potential, and this is an innovative program that enables business travelers to reduce their greenhouse gas impact. This is a market we want to support by providing certainty for consumers through our verification process," said Jennifer Martin, director of certification and analysis for the Center for Resource Solutions.

To signify a contribution to green travel, travelers who purchase TerraPass carbon offsets for short haul flights will receive a decal and travelers who purchase a higher tier TerraPass package will receive a luggage tag. Companies that adopt a green travel policy and buy an enterprise TerraPass package will receive a plaque, as well as luggage tags for all of their travelers.

All TerraPass sales and support of clean energy projects are independently audited by the Center for Resource Solutions, a San Francisco non-profit organization that runs market surveillance and certification programs in the green power industry.

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