Keynote Competitive Research, the industry analysis group of Keynote Systems (Nasdaq: KEYN), today announced the release of a series of competitive research studies examining the online travel industry, including studies of airline, hotel and rental car Web sites. Collectively, the studies provide an in-depth examination of the online customer experience and service levels (site responsiveness and reliability) of more than 25+ leading airline, hotel and rental car Web sites.

Expedia was ranked as the #1 site in the Keynote Customer Experience Rankings in each of the three studies ? Airline, Hotel and Rental Car ? with the best overall ranking across the 250+ customer experience metrics measured in each study. In the Airline study, among the 15 online travel and airline Web sites included in the study, Expedia ranked #1 in customer experience followed by Orbitz and Southwest Airlines. In the Hotel and Lodging study, Expedia also ranked #1 followed by Travelocity, with Marriott the highest ranked site operated by a lodging provider. Expedia also ranked #1 in the Rental Car study, with Budget the highest ranked direct rental car provider.

In the Keynote Service Level Rankings studies American Airlines had the airline industry?s best reliability (an indication the site was highly available and experienced little or no downtime) and Southwest Airlines had the best site responsiveness (an indication of how fast sites were in downloading pages and completing transactions.) In the Hotel and Lodging study, Marriott recorded both the industry?s best site reliability and site responsiveness. In the Rental Car study, Dollar recorded the industry?s best site reliability and Hertz recorded the best site responsiveness.

ll three studies are available for purchase now from Keynote Competitive Research. Click here for more information.