AT&T customers will be receiving free access to and its inventory of flights and hotels, as well as a trailer for BBA Studios’ upcoming film Frank vs. God, both of which are fully sponsored so that users may view or interact with the content without affecting their data plans. “We see sponsored content as removing obstacles to acquiring and engaging our audience; this is something both large and small independent film studios are trying to do,” said Scott Schill, producer for BBA Studios, Los Angeles, CA. “We’re excited about the prospects for this new form of outreach and it’s likely that other studios will be interested, too.” Sponsored data will also appeal to consumers worldwide, especially those who travel frequently. No data charges or roaming fees will apply to the content, so users can feel secure in interacting with the media. “Customers can plan and purchase travel from without adding charges to their data plans,” Expedia’s Ms. Vaillancourt said. “The more opportunity we have to engage our customers, the better.” Get the full story at Mobile Marketer