In an exhibit that was part of its annual report, filed with the Security and Exchange Commission February 11, Expedia revealed that in 2015 it took a 30.54 percent stake in the hotel management Alice App (officially known as Fivepals), 14.9 percent in the airport ride-sharing app Wingz (Tickengo), and a 16.36 percent piece of the Latin American online travel agency, which also operates Previously we knew that Expedia led a $9.5 million Series A round for the AliceApp but Expedia’s 30.54 percent wasn’t revealed at the time. We knew that Expedia led an $11 million Series B for Wingz but Expedia’s 14.9 percent stake hadn’t been disclosed. When Expedia deepened its 13-year-old relationship with Decolar in March 2015, the companies revealed that Expedia made a $270 million minority investment but now we learn that it amounted to a 16.36 percent piece of Decolar. Get the full story at Skift and Expedia