The saga of Expedia and the Japanese hotels may have a shelf-life longer than Shogun, if Internet message boards are any indicator.

USA TODAY wrote last week about a snafu that allowed folks to book rooms at the Hilton Osaka and Hilton Tokyo that normally run upwards of $300 for $2-$4 a night. Expedia said that the company would honor the cheap reservations booked through November, and those made in a package deal, but no others.

In the meantime, Expedia as issued an addendum: "… If a booking was made for the month of November, Hilton will honor the reservation at the quoted price. But if a booking was made for December or beyond, at Hilton's request it will be cancelled – unless it is part of a package, which will honor. To help compensate customers for their inconvenience, we are offering a $250 coupon for a package trip to Japan booked prior December 31, 2005. All travel must be completed by December 31, 2006."

This has done little to quell the anger of folks who booked their rooms, received confirmations from Expedia and/or Hilton then booked airfare, only to have their rooms subsequently canceled.

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