Expedia Rewards is the only loyalty program run by an online travel agency that enables customers to get extra airline points, hotel points, package points and exclusive hotel amenities and upgrades at over 1,300 hotels worldwide. Expedia's Around the World in 100 Days, powered by Badgeville and Mindspace, is an interactive way for travel enthusiasts to earn real Expedia Rewards points through a fun gaming contest. Beginning June 17, players can earn virtual currency by completing activities on the Around the World in 100 Days website or by making real-world travel transactions on Expedia.com. Players will earn Expedia Rewards points based on the amount of virtual currency earned throughout the game. "With Around the World in 100 Days, players can earn enough Rewards Points to take a real trip," said Julius Lai, Senior Director, Loyalty Marketing, Expedia.com. "We want to add as much value to the travel rewards experience as possible while making it fun for travel fans. Expedia already has the most comprehensive rewards program among online travel agencies, and our goal is to make booking travel with Expedia.com rewarding, every time." To begin playing Expedia's Around the World in 100 Days, travelers visit the game's website and sign in using their Expedia account. Those who are not yet members of Expedia Rewards can immediately join the program for free. The game invites players to select one of four virtual travel personas – City Slickers, Escape Artists, Adventure Addicts or Culture Buffs – and then sends each player's avatar on a pre-defined virtual journey comprised of distinct, exciting travel destinations. Players are rewarded in virtual currency when they complete various weekly tasks like answering trivia questions, referring friends and booking real travel through Expedia.com. That virtual currency funds their avatar's trips, and after completing a set number of virtual trips, translates into real Expedia Rewards points. Related Link: Expedia Around the World in 100 Days