The dispute originates from 2011 when Expedia was subject to an inquiry by the DGCCRF (the French competition and consumer frauds authority). The contracts entered into between Expedia and hoteliers in 2008-2011 that were reviewed by the authorities all included two types of contentious clauses that were considered unlawful by the French Government: the parity clause and the “last available room” clause. The parity clause required the hotelier to grant Expedia conditions that were at least as favorable as those granted via other platforms (competing websites, hotel’s own direct sales, etc.) in terms of prices and promotional or non-promotional offers. The “last available room” clause provided that no matter how many rooms were available for booking, the hotelier was required to save the last available one to Expedia. The Paris Court of Appeals found that the both the parity and the “last available room” clauses breached French Commercial laws. Get the full story at Lexology Read also " Swiss hotel industry wins support from parliament"