The 2015 Foreign Affairs study was commissioned by Expedia and Tinder and conducted by GfK, an independent global market research company. To collect the data, GfK asked 1,000 Americans a range of questions, including how early in a relationship they would consider taking an overnight vacation, which destination features they would prioritize on their first trip away, how willing they would be to vacation with a partner’s parents and where the most attractive dating populations reside. In response to that last question, Los Angeles was the clear winner: most Americans (37 percent) selected L.A. from a list of more than 20 of the world’s most visited cities. Rio de Janeiro came in a close second (36 percent), followed by Paris (34 percent), Miami (32 percent) and Rome (32 percent). The “least attractive” dating population, out of a list of those same cities, was said to live in Istanbul (26 percent), followed by Seoul (25 percent) and Hong Kong by Seoul (25 percent) and Hong Kong (24 percent). Get the full story at Expedia and the complete study at Expedia Viewfinder Read also "A brief history of Tinder" at TechCrunch