"It is imminent," said Hari Nair, the vice president of market management at Expedia. "We don't have an Expedia.ae site yet. We will have an Arabic site." The company already has an Arabic version of its hotel booking website for the region. "We're learning about the business, about this region through our hotels.com site and eventually when we're ready to come with a localised version of the Expedia site we will be able to implement that, which is anywhere between 18 to 24 months away," said Mr Nair. "On the hotels.com side of things it is a regional website. It is not a site that is specifically for the UAE. The Expedia side of the business we've already worked differently - we've not had a regional site; we've had a country specific site … so we'll probably have a site for the UAE that talks directly to the consumers living in the UAE." Get the full story at The National