Expedia Corporate Travel's latest upgrade provides more than 20 powerful and highly configurable capabilities to deliver customers more convenience, productivity and cost-savings.

One of the new highlights is Expedia Corporate Travel's 3D Fare Display, an on-demand tool that gives travel bookers a broader view of multiple fares as they're searching for flights. This richer, more holistic display helps customers save time and smartly select the right fare, whether it's refundable or non-refundable economy, business, first-class or a negotiated rate. Other visual improvements include the ability to view important information such as layover times and aircraft type within search results so bookers can make more informed trips purchases based on travel preferences.

Additional enhancements from Expedia Corporate Travel also give business travelers powerful online tools to make unexpected trip changes and the overall booking process faster, more flexible and convenient. For example, if there is a change of plans and a business trip ticket is suddenly no longer needed, travelers and bookers can quickly cancel or void the transaction online, without having to contact an agent by phone. Online international flight exchanges on several major airlines are also supported to help save time and costs for customers. Canceled tickets are automatically populated into an unused ticket tracker, so travelers can see their credits for future use.

The automated seat search and upgrade feature of Expedia Corporate Travel is also enhanced to give business travelers more explicit control over their desired trip experience. Travel bookers can choose to halt the on-demand seat and upgrade search if a traveler's preference changes, and specify preferred seating qualifications for frequent, premium travelers.

EPower platform upgrades also give travel managers more finely-tuned control over the enforcement of their company's negotiated rates. For instance, Expedia Corporate Travel's flight search can be configured to require travelers to purchase the negotiated fare or a cheaper published fare, if one exists, on a contract specific or route-by-route basis, depending on the travel manager's preferences.

"Expedia Corporate Travel's latest round of tools and upgrades reinforces our ongoing commitment to creating the best possible environment for helping business travelers and their companies save more money while increasing the convenience and comfort of the travel process," said Simon Tam, vice president of product development for Expedia Corporate Travel. "By arming business travelers and managers with Expedia Corporate Travel's industry-leading technology, experienced agent resources and rich travel knowledge, we can continue to alleviate the challenges of running a travel program and help our customers focus on building their own business."