Priceline didn’t make any mega acquisitions in 2015 and declined to pull the trigger on acquiring HomeAway, as Expedia did for $3.9 billion. One can wonder, with some exaggeration, what’s left to buy? Priceline’s deal-maker Glenn Fogel is undoubtedly at this moment immersed in pitch decks and interviews trying to figure that out. Wall Street was bullish about rival Expedia’s prospects in 2015 as its stock rose 44.9 percent compared with a 14.29 percent jump at TripAdvisor and an 11.63 percent boost at the much-larger Priceline. That compared with the S&P 500 being flat for the year. In November, tired of all the Airbnb talk and seeking to reorient the storyline, Priceline’s revealed that it offers 21 million bookable rooms. The theme was that’s growth, and especially its girth, compare favorably with Airbnb’s on the lodging front overall. And can show some digital one-up-manship too because all of its 21 million rooms are instantly confirmable. Get the full story at Skift