Technologies such as Apple Pay and Touch ID may become requisite for those trying to gain new consumers. While the plethora of options is certainly beneficial for consumers seeking to snag the best deals, it becomes trickier for marketers, especially newer brands, aiming to nab a slice of the lucrative mobile travel sector. This acquisition offers Expedia more leverage as it competes against another top corporation in the travel industry, Priceline. Expedia will likely be able to retain a majority of Orbitz’s regular customers, but has not commented on its exact plans for its recent acquisitions of Orbitz and Travelocity. Marketers can bet on Expedia placing an even higher focus on mobile, however, as more millennials turn to their smartphones and tablets for browsing potential vacations and more importantly, booking them. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily Read also "Then there were only two" at Travel Market Report, "How Priceline wins in Expedia-Orbitz deal" at CNBC, and "Google fear a factor behind Orbitz-Expedia deal"