Expedia's note to USA TODAY's Hotel Hotsheet editor explains the online travel site's decision: "After looking once again into this situation, the original outcome will stand. The price Judy O'Shaugnessy originally paid ($1,100) for her package flight from DC to London plus 5-nights at the Ritz over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend about nine months in advance, while not as blatantly obvious as the erroneous bookings that included stand-alone hotel rooms at the Ritz being quoted as $.01/night, was still markedly and obviously disparate from the actual cost ($6,000). She has demonstrated she's a travel-savvy consumer by contacting a leading travel journalist and blogger such as yourself, so we hope she can understand and will accept our apology for any inconvenience. Best, Katie"

Well, judging from the reader comments on USA TODAY's post, many think Expedia should have gone through with the deal even if it was an error.

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